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The Two Towers

Sunset Dog

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Eins, Zwei, Polizei


Still Alive

V for Victory

The Southern Boys

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Down by the River

Welcome to Comfort

… where the grass is green …

City of Angels


‘Here Comes the Sun’

Keeping your battery charged in cold weather

Keeping your battery charged in cold weather

Avoid short trips. Each time you start your vehicle you use energy out of the battery. Normally this energy is quickly replaced as the battery is recharged by the vehicle’s alternator, but cold batteries don’t charge well. When the battery temperature drops to -30C, the battery may need to be charged for over 30 minutes just to heat it enough to accept a charge!



Essential for reducing stress


Godzilla vs Die Hard

The Winner Takes It All

Rocca aL Mare


Moonlight Shadow

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Le Café des trois colombes

Delfi vs SEB

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