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    Albert Kerstna is an international dance photographer living in Estonia, who has been photographing dancers from different corners of the world for over ten years. He enjoys working with very different performers.

    “I highly appreciate working with skilful people who can control and strain their body to the maximum. It is in my power to stop the time in these moments and capture that beauty.”

    Kerstna has photographed enthusiasts of various dance styles: ballerinas and rhythmic gymnasts as well as flamenco and break dancers.

    In addition to photography Albert also works with moving images and uses various video art solutions in his work.


    Basic studio shoot 900€

    • 15 beautifully edited images (technically correct and best poses)
    • Three hours in the studio
    • MUAH is optional and it`s possible to order for additional cost 60€

    Kids studio shoot 450€ (age 5-12)

    • 15 beautifully edited images (technically correct and best poses)
    • Two hours in the studio

    Additional services

    • Additional photos: 25€ / image
    • Headshot session: 180€
    • Next session: 250€

    For company, commercial and media shoots please contact to discuss