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Funky Farm with Rändom Muuvs!

Funky Farm with Rändom Muuvs!

I had a plan that I take photos of b-boys while they are all together and
doing their thing. When I called Joonas to make some arrangements, it came
out that they are organizing a break battle TOMORROW and there will be dudes
from Estonia, Finland and Lithuania. Well – as usually all these things
you’ll know only at the very last minute. But not to let the chance roll by
I agreed on the shoot for the next day. The guys promised to be ready after
the battle around 7 PM and it gave me time to prepare about 24 hours.

The biggest problem was to find an suitable old-school Boombox. I called to
all the known rappers in town, but the outcome was still NONE. Everybody has
seen something like that somewhere, but where or who had it, nobody knows…

Then I got a good tip from Roman, who by the way is a gentleman well known
for his great tips and help. Thank you Pez for kindly lending your ghetto
blaster! But I have to remind you, that it’s still at my place!

I wanted to take the photos somewhere outside, under some bridge or
something similar. I picked the location already earlier, but on the day of
the shoot the weather decided to bail on me. In our climate you really cant
count on weather anyhow and the only possibility was to move the shoot to
the garage under my home. Otherwise we would all be Gone with the Wind
because of the heavy lightning and storm.
Thank you Roman for coming to help me on the shoot and spending your
precious time.
Thank you to Joonas, Maik, Jaen, Edvinas, Gabrielis and Viktoras – you were great!

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