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Vihula Spa

Stuudio 323


Gourmet Coffee

Studio apartment


Mad White Giant on the Wall

The Event


Angry Walls




“Svoi” was shot here.

Любовь, предательство, месть — все смешалось на деревенском хуторе под Псковом в августе 1941 года. Вокруг бушует война, а здесь, вдали от военных действий, разыгрываются свои страсти. Трое сбежавших от немцев советских военнопленных прячутся в сарае у деревенского старосты.





For a couple of weeks I had a chance to dive into completely other world. Three days in a row I photographed three completely different interiors. First taking was in a single-family home and it took about one hour.

The next day I took pictures of a small studio apartment. Major difficulty here was that the apartment was tiny. Room for photographing was almost nonexistent. Additionally the flat was pretty much black and white which didn’t make my job easier.

On third day I had a little bit more space, because it was a acknowledged law office in Tallinn centre. The time limit was two hours and I made it!

In addition I have to say that all the photos were made with HDR technique and I made almost all of those as panorama shots.


I mean LUXURY …

I mean LUXURY …

Is this a shifter car? I cannot drive a shifter car, alright, so we got a little situation here. I can’t drive these kinda cars! What the fuck is goin’ on! You think that’s funny? Would you like to know, smartass? Would you like to know why I can’t drive this kinda car? I’ll tell you why, I’m used to *luxury* cars. Have you ever heard of a luxury car? You know what luxury means? Ever heard of Cadillac, Cadillac Eldorado? That’s what I drive. I drive cars that *shift* themselves.
– Billy Brown –