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Time never stops…

Time never stops…

As you have already understood I’m not much of a writer. However once a year the year should be summed up.

It was a successful and interesting year. Many things that were planned were successfully completed. Some things were done by halves.

The project I was bound to for over three years got also finished. It is called “Lotte and the Moonstone Secret”. Different channels have said that the animation has been very successful. I would like to thank Tanel Viksi, who got me involved in this project, and all the people with whom we had to breathe the same air for these three years. Tauno Ööbik and Maido Hollo – applause and pot plants to you!

In the summer me and my friend Ken started building a photo studio. Everything went unbelievably well and by the end of the summer it was ready. The only thing that has yet to be done is the opening party for the studio… Let’s hope it will happen soon.

The second half of the year I decided to undertake the glamorous world and started to familiarize myself with beauty shots and make-up world. I was lucky to find a good cooperation partner  www.meigikool.ee  who gave me beautiful girls with make-up to photograph. I also spent hours in Photoshop to elaborate the photos. I will add some of the work also in my portfolio.

A suitable song for the end of the post:  Apelsin – Aeg ei peatu


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