photoshoot > meresuu spa & hotel

pictures done. pictures retouched. pictures given to client.

the most difficult thing on this specific shoot was to use the hotel stuff as models. but nevertheless they were able to do modeling more or less 😉
the logistical part was extremely complicated as well. time limit (6 days) was a great challenge. to make photos with 40 different sets of people and to shoot frenzy amount of panorama photos from different hotel rooms and halls is unbelievably difficult. in addition to that we had to reckon with the movement of the sun all the time, because it’s nearly impossible to make good photos in a SPA with huge window walls during the wintertime in Estonia – the sun is just too low all the time… and of course the saunas – there’s really no point in going with a camera to a working sauna with 95 degrees Celsius. so we had to photograph sauna areas early in the morning before they were turned on.
but there’s a saying – all’s well that ends well!

in meresuu i worked together with my good friend Ken. thanks!