winter. spring. summer. autumn

see the photos

the changes in the nature can stay easily unnoticed visiting the same
place day after day . nothing changes much in one day… but if you
compare summer to spring… there is a huge difference.

early in the spring when I was on the road with my bike I rediscovered
an old stone wall – eroded over the time. In the summer it’s
surrounded with dense green jungle.

the same wall and burgeoning green made me act quickly. in a matter of
days there was already a photoshoot.

many thanks to Simona, who was right away fascinated by my idea and
agreed to begin already at 7 AM in a relatively uncomfortable outfit
wearing a summerdress in this chilly weather; with only +1C degrees!

thanks to Mihkel who went so quickly through time machine and is
present on the photos.

many thanks also to Leela and Janek for helping me a lot behind the scene.

Ken. thank You.
Kaupo – thank you for the costumes!